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What should you pay attention to about gel battery?

First, please allow me to say "Happy New Year" to every one. I am back to work again after my three days holiday. That's a happy time when I was at home. Today I will focus on the topic about gel battery. Last year, I talked about so many about all kinds of batteries, and you might have known some. In fact, gel battery is a kind of lead acid battery that is no need to add distilled water to maintain. Comparing to other automobile battery, you just do a little maintenance to the AGM gel battery. Here I just want to say some about its precaution to help you use those gel batteries better.

1. The charging voltages given in this article assume an ambient temperature of 20°C (68°F). The charging voltages may have to be adjusted when ambient temperature is outside the range of 41°F to 95°F. For temperatures below 20°C, increase the voltage by 2mV/cell/°C for float charging and 6mV/cell/°C. For temperatures above 20°C, reduce the voltage by the same factor.

2. Resist the temptation to use an automobile battery charger on your gel cells. Many inexpensive automotive battery chargers are not properly voltage regulated or current limited.

3. Continuous over-charging or under-charging are a gel cell battery's worst enemies.

4. Do not store your gel cell batteries in an uncharged condition.

5. Avoid exposing the battery to excessive heat. Service life is shortened at operating temperatures above 30°C.

6. Never charge a gel cell in an air-tight container or near objects which produce sparks or flames.

7. When using a solar panel to charge a gel cell battery, be sure to use a charge controller which properly regulates the charging voltage. Many solar panels are capable of producing as much as 18 volts -- more than enough to damage your battery.

With the New Year, we can have a new start. So keep these precautions about gel battery in mind and take care of your lead acid battery. Good luck to you this year. Let us get a big deal in future.

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